WiFi controlled minimalist clock:

Minimalist clock with a single ring to tell the time. The clock ring rotates once per day to echo the relative position of the Sun to Earth. The ESP8266 board on the right hand side of the breadboard sends step and direction signals to the stepper motor driver (PCB in centre of breadboard). Time is updated through a browser connected to the same LAN. Built 12/2018

Object tracking camera:

Camera and NXP image processor module communicating with an Arduino Uno over SPI. Saturation and hue of each RGB pixel is calculated, these are the primary filtering parameters used in the modules API. The Arduino code calculates a position error and uses PID loops to control the pan and tilt servos. The camera tracks the closest of the learned objects. Built 06/2020

3D drill position indicator:

This is a proof of concept device to locate magnets behind dry wall.

Three hall effect sensors are monitored by an Arduino nano. Hall Voltage is compared to triangulate the position of magnet. LED's are used to indicate to position error between the magnet and device centre. Built during an internship with a retail tool manufacture 07/2018

Please also see DELTA PRINTER project which involved firmware configuration in c++ and programming in high level machine language (g-code, m-code) to sequence the printer to carry out mesh bed levelling and compensation routines.