Air nozzle optimising:

I designed this test rig to collect air flow rate, impact force and impact pressure while automatically varying blowing distance and air nozzle inlet pressure. Reducing air consumption directly reduces energy consumption and energy cost. A small increase in air nozzle efficiency equates to a significant cost reduction in mass manufacture settings. I both proposed and led this project, data from the tests is currently being used to guide the design of new air nozzles. Built 10/2019

Proof of concept test rig created to produce data aiding design of automated test rig. 

Energy saving low vacuum sales tool:

Electro-pneumatic ejector used to create vacuum. Typically used in pick and place applications. 

I built this demonstration panel to quantify the amount of energy that can be saved by using a solenoid controlled vacuum ejector. Coloured water was drawn up the tubes until a set level of vacuum was achieved, total air use by each ejector was displayed above the columns. I demonstrated this to European sales managers and Japanese engineers. This was one of two demonstration rigs I produced for the sales event. Built 01/2020